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A School for Vernacular Algorithms: Knowledge Transfer as a System and Aesthetic Algorithmic Encounter, diid disegno industriale industrial design. No. 76, 2022.  Link Online

A School for Vernacular Algorithms, Critical Coding Cookbook: Intersectional Feminist Approached to Teaching and Learning.  Eds. Xin Xin,  Katherine Moriwaki,  with implementation by Kevin Cadena. Online Publication supported by School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons School of Design, The New School University. Link Online

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A School for Vernacular Algorithms: Knowledge Transfer as a System and Aesthetic Algorithmic Encounter. Keynote Plenary, Disrupting Geographies in the Design World, 8th International Forum of Design as a Process. Bologna, 20 – 22 June, 2022. Link Online


                                                                                                            // Published //

A Social & Sonic Paradigm: Sound Art in Southern Africa, Oxford Handbook of Sound Art. Eds. J. Gran, J. Matthias, D. Prior. Pg 521, Oxford University Press, 2021. Co-Authored with Joao Orecchia.

Towards a Vocabulary for Vernacular Algorithms, Digital Imaginaries: African Positions Beyond the Binary. Eds. R. Rottenberg, O. Gueye, J. McHardy, P. Ziegler. Pg 278 – 285, KERBER Culture, 2021. link online

African fractals and “A vocabulary for vernacular algorithms”, Seen, Heard and Valued: WAM Celebrates 40 Years of the Standard Bank African Art Collection. Eds: J Charlton, L Cohen, L Leyde, K Mokgojwa, A Nettleton and F Rankin-Smith (eds).  Wits Art Museum: Johannesburg: 263-268.


                                                                                // Conference Presentations //

ZKM & Akademie Schloss Solitude Web Residencies Award Presentation. Presentation following nomination of the curatorial framing of “Ghosted” for the 2018 residency curation.

Imagining Machines: African Futures, workshop Diverse Artificial Intelligence: Automation, Translation and Embodiment by the Rachel Adams and Bugle Khanyile supported by HSRC and Center for Humanities Research. January 2021


                                                                                     // Conference Presentations //

Getting Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Panel Discussion. SEAfrica – Showbiz Entertainment Conference. Soweto Theatre. September 2019.

Vernacular Algorithms. Research Paper. Creativate, National Arts Festival, South Africa. June 2019.

Vernacular Algorithms. Research Paper & Workshop. AfroPixel #7, Digital Earth Symposium, Dakar, Senegal. June 2019.

Vernacular Algorithm. Research Paper & Development. Vertical Atlas, Netherlands. April 2019

Art in the Digital Age. Panel Chair. Cape Town International Art Fair. South Africa. February 2019.

4th Industrial Revolution in Arts and Culture. University of Johannesburg. Keynote invitation to inform the planning and strategy meeting of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA). January 2019.

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Fak’ugesi Arcade: Futures & Networking. Industry Report for South & East African Gaming Industry. Published with Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival. November 2019. link online

Games Research Roundtable Report. Industry Report for South & East African Gaming Industry. Published with Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival. November 2019. link online


                                                                                     // Conference Presentations //

Vernacular Algorithm.  Research Paper & Workshop. African Crossroads, Morocco, November, 2018

Vernacular Algorithms. Research Paper & Workshop. International Society of Electronic Arts Symposium, Durban, South Africa, July, 2018

                                                                                                                // Published //

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams for Collaboration. Creative Research Article. […] Ellipses Journal for Creative Research. Issue II. 2017 – 2018. Co-authored with Mwenya Kabwe and Cameron Harris. link online.


// Published //

Post African Futures: positioning the globalized digital within contemporary African cultural and decolonizing practices. Critical African Studies. Vol 9. Issue. 3. 2017 – link online

With objects that speak: the force of interaction in historical African artefacts and contemporary art. International Journal of Art and Technology.Vol 10. No. 2. 2017 – link online


// Published //

Access to Ghosts. African Futures. Kerber Verlag. Germany. 2016. link online


// Conference Presentations //

Keynote Invitation: Socio-cultural Techni Aesthetics and Digital Art in Sub-Sahara Africa. Goethe Institute. March 2015. On invitation to inform the international planning and strategy meeting of Goethe Institute, which is being hosted in Johannesburg.

Post African Futures. Future Fest, London, UK. March 2015. On invitation from the British Council, Focus on Johannesburg & Lagos, Global Futures.

// Published //

Public Art / Private Lives: Making of Hotel Yeoville, Museum Transformations (The International Handbooks of Museum Studies).  Co. Authored: Kurgan. T & Opper. A. 2015. Wiley Blackwell. – link online

Post African Futures: Tegan Bristow on the Fak’ugesi Conference. Art South Africa. Vol. 13. Issue 3. March 2015. pg. 76.


// Conference Presentations //

Half Tiger: Digital Technology and Visual Aesthetics at the ACASA African Art Histories Symposium, on the panel: Art and the Digital Revolution in Africa led by Sylvester Ogbechie. April 2014.

Finding Flow in Rebellion. 4th Computer Art Congress / Hiperorganicos 5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, June 2014.

Digital Art: Tunis to Joburg. Innovation and New Tech leading Futurist African Arts Practice. Tech 4 Africa Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa. Oct. 2014.

Post African Futures. Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Conference. Johannesburg, South Africa. Dec. 2014.

// Published //

Cultures of Technology: Digital Technology and New Aesthetics in African Digital Art. Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture. Vol 8. Issue 3. 2014. – link online

Editor of Special Issue of Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research Vol. 12. No. 2 & 3. 2014. Editorial: From Afro-Futurism to Post African Futures, pg 167. – link online

Technology arts education in South Africa: Mutant collaborations, Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research, Co-Authored: Bristow, T & Doherty, C.  Vol. 12. No. 2 & 3. 2015. pg 237. – link online


// Conference Presentations //

Aesthetic Practice with Communication Technology in Africa: Considering Globalisation. Presented at the EU Cooperation in Science and Technology.  Art & Technology White Paper Development Workshop. Zagreb, Croatia. Nov. 2013.

Technology Arts Education in South Africa: Mutant Collaborations. Co-authored with Christo Doherty.  Presented as Keynote at the 4th International Meeting of Research Groups: Convergences between Art, Science, Technology & Mixed Realities LATITUDES ļ ATTITUDES, Sao Pualo, August, 2013

With Objects that Speak: A Dialogue between interactive Digital Art in the Meaning Motion exhibition and African Art at the Wits Art Museum. Presented at XARTS 2013 International Conference, University of the Aegean, Greece. July 2013. Waiting Publication.

// Published //

Half Tiger:A comparative interrogation of digital & mobile cultural practices in Johannesburg and Nairobi.  Presented at Di-EGY Festival, Cairo, Egypt, April 2013.   Published: Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research, Volume 11, no 3. Pages 221 – 230. link online

A Culture of Technology: Understanding Digital Art in South and East Africa. MCD. Vol. 71, Title: Digital Afrique. Oct 2013.  link online

We Want the Funk: What is AfroFuturism for Africa.  The Shadows Took Shape.  Eds. Naima J. Keith and Zoe Whitley. Harlem Studio Museum. 2013. link online


// Conference Presentations/

Technology Arts Education in South Africa: Mutant Collaborations. Co-authored with Christo Doherty. Presented at the Metamorphosis Conference, Prague, Dec, 2012

Technology Arts Scene in South Africa. Presented as Keynote AfroPixel Festival, Dakar Biennale, May 2012

// Published //

We Want the Funk: What is Afrofuturism to Digital Art in Africa.  Presented at Technoetic Telos: Ionian Art Centre, Kefalonia, Greece, April 2012. Published: Technoetic Speculative Arts Journal. Vol. 10. Issue. 1. link online

What is Afrofuturism to Africa. Impakt Online. Impakt Festival. Ed. Cher Potter. Lat Accessed: 4 July 2012.  link-online

What is Digital Art.  Art South Africa, Issue 11. No.1. September 2012. Pg 64 -66.

Yo Peeps, My Name Is…  Hotel Yeoville, Ed. Terry Kurgan. Fourthwall Books, 2013. pp. 88 – 95. link online


// Conference Presentations //

Rephrasing Protocol: Internet Art in the Global South. Presented at Art History in (South) Africa and the Global South SAVAH Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, January 2011.

// Published //

Soul Connection: God, Family and Lovers in Networked Media Art in Africa. Presented at Presence in the Mindfield: Consciousness Reframed 12. Centuro Cultural De Belem, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2011. Published: Conference Proceedings.


// Published //

Methods of Evocation: The Evocation of the Sublime in Digital Art. ISEA2010, Ruhr Valley, Germany. Published: Conference Proceedings.


// Conference Presentations //

A Natural Defiance: Etching Circuits in the Print Studio. Presented at the practice led research colloquium “On Making”. FADA, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


// Conference Presentations //

Spaces of Dislocation: Surfacing of Internet Cafes in Inner City Johannesburg and the ‘Hotel Yeoville’ Website Project. Presented at the Upgrade! International Gathering. 24th September. Skopje, Macedonia.


// Conference Presentations //

Communal Computing and Shared Spaces of Use: A Study of Internet Cafes in a Developing Context. Presented at the Information Architecture Summit held in Las Vegas in March 2007. Co-Authored with Jason Hobbs.

// Published //

Play With Me. Published: Art South Africa. Issue 6. No2. November 2007, pg 34-35.