Paper: iStream to Foreign Funding

Isabella Buczek presenting in the dome, June 2012, Plymouth University

Conference: iStream Conference on eText  Location: Plymouth, United Kinngdom

Paper: iPad, ePad, Web: Cross-platform eText publishing

Published: Conference Proceedings

Planetary Collegium: 2nd Update


The 2012 July composite research session (Summer in the north) was held at Plymouth Univeristy. Rather than a large conference the Planetary Collegium (CAiiA) held a local conference on the use of eText in the publication of research.

My concern was around ownership and copyright in ePublishing – something that the 1st word does not suffer as seriously as Africa does. Knowledge is Power. See this Prezi – for the slides used.

Research Update:

I presented the role for development in the curatorial work I am doing with Digital Afrique with MCD and the Free Particle Festival with L ‘Ososphere. I tried to get a better sense of how these projects would contribute to the PhD research object and to what extent the projects should be included and particularly how I understood my own role between research and led development.

The update included a strong interrogation of the role of foreign cultural agencies in Africa like the Goethe Institut and the French Institute, who heavily support arts and culture practice in these regions.

The most pressing concern is that a “type” of work is encouraged and funded, this then strongly leads the type of work being made. The agenda for directed involvement may not be a clear to these institutions, who see themselves in a supporting role, and indeed many artists and cultural practitioners have benefited greatly from their support. My interest is not in denying them agency, only to see the trends that come about through their support. It is not a question of negative or positive, only fact. I intend include an greater analysis of these influences in my research.

A good example of the these types of issues in the tech development scene – can be found in the article The Road Ahead: Blueprint for Building Africa’s Tech Ecosystem by I support many of these views for the development of a healthy and sustained ecology for the cross-over between culture/arts and technology practices.

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