Paper: 4th Computer Art Congress


Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  //  Conference: 4th Computer Art Congress / Hiperorganicos 5

Paper: Finding Flow in Rebellion

Addressing contribution of what is seen to be rebellion in the making of digital aesthetic practices in Southern and East Africa. In actuality the practices are not rebellious at all but are rather the impression thereof. This begs the question, how do we understand ridged global norms? And what are the contributions of difference and presumed rebellion? Does a ritualised or social form of thinking reflect more closely the workings of nature? Can we find flow rather than field in the construction of these new aesthetics?

Planetary Collegium: 7th Update


The 4th Computer Art Congress also Hyperorganicos 5  was organised with the collaboration of NANO LAB

“NANO Lab was established in September 2010. Aims to develop practical and theoretical research in the area of ​​arts with specific focus on their intersection with technology and science, offering laboratory space for practical and theoretical research in the thematic area of hybrid-natures. The motivation of this research Lab is to consolidate a transdisciplinary space for reflection and promotion of new cognitive models based on practical and dialogical exchanges.

In Brazil, we see the blooming of hack and garage labs. Many universities have begun to have programs focusing on Computer Art. The fields of architecture and design have begun to focus on these ideas. It is important to emphasize that the field of Computer Art is firming up and in-depth reflection is required on the issues related to its reverberations within society. Therefore, to have the 4th International Computer Art Congress held in Brazil, within one of its most respected institution, the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, will bring incentives to the research, reflection and production of such art, deeply shaping a near future on the development of Computer Art in Brazil and maybe in South America.”

Planetary Collegium: 7th Update

This session was very strong a post RDC 2 session, in which I reviewed the propositions posed in the RDC, towards addressing aesthetic mechanisms in African Digital and Technology Art as a response to technology as a “global form” and what the implications and responses are in Africa.

As a second to last session, the session was very helpful at addressing preparations for the final writing up year. As well as putting plans in motion for the conference and session I will be hosting in South Africa in early December.


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