Paper: EU Arts & Technology


Location: Zagreb, Croatia  //  Conference: COST Arts and Technologies

Paper: Understanding Globalisation through Aesthetic Practice with Communication Technology in Africa

Planetary Collegium: 6th Update


The COST conference was framed around a workshop in which the Planetary Collegium were tasked to work with local practitioners and EU delegates in developing a White Paper on Arts and Technology for the EU. The Collegium focus was the role of the aesthetic and collaborative practices when engaging art and technology, rather then a creative industries development, which was the focus of other groups in attendance.

The paper, Understanding Globalisation through Aesthetic Practice with Communication Technology in Africa begins to address the influence of Globalisation, and particularly the economic influence and the impact on African urban environments in extension of the networked global city. A factor in the multi-national corporate agenda is to impact the expansion and development of cities that lie in their network of activities.  The paper looks at arts and culture practice that both reflects these shifts and is critical of them. The focus is on work that is specifically orientated to working with technology and the digital as it’s primary medium.

Planetary Collegium: 6th Update

This session was really productive in helping me complete and finalise my Transfer Report (RDC2), which is now passed and I can happily go forward with completing this research.

In it I outlined the how the project begins to contribute to new knowledge, not only in it’s content but more prominently in its methodological approach and research formation.


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