Nathaniel Stern and Tegan Bristow in a joint Museum show MEANING MOTION at the Wits Art Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The first exhibition of interactive digital art at WAM, and had as many as 6000 visitors and this is excluding the opening and the walk about sessions. Dates: 12th June to 18th August 2013.

The exhibition is made up of 8 works in total: A series of 4 interactive digital installations by Nathaniel Stern under the umbrella title: Body Language. With 3 interactive digital installations of my own: a retrospective view of Chalk Vision, which is featured in Nathaniel’s new book “The Implicit Body”; a 2013 version of UNSAID and new work titled Dissonance at Six.  I also presented new print and electronic circuit work, The Voice & Biometrics done with the Jill Ross and the David Krut Print Studio.

You can read further in a companion foldout produced by the Wits Art Museum to accompany my work at the exhibition: Bristow_MeaningMotion_WAM. And a catalog produced by Stern with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on: Stern’s Body Language

The following are photo’s by Christo Doherty from the opening at Wits Art Museum on the evening of the 14th June 2013. See More Photo’s from this set.