Joburg SHOE SHOP Twitter Viz

Riaan Pieterse from Weekday Hero’s and I built this Twitter Visualisation for the Migration and Media Project Shoe Shop. It was our experiment in using Processing JS for the first time. Despite having to work around alot of the short cuts we are used to, we are pretty happy with the results we got in a short period of time.

More on the Shoe Shop:

Shoe Shop is a series of events and project nodes that reflect on the human movement in public space, particularly walking. The project works with collectives, young and established artists (writers, filmmakers, photographers) that look at, analyse and reconceptualise, the literal physical movement of walking in its geopolitical setting, contributing to a changing discourse on Pan-African and global human mobility and migration.

The project provides fragments of a public space in Johannesburg and beyond to think, walk and talk movement – remembering demarcations and physicalities, negotiating space, imagining futures and simply enjoying the physical act of walking.

For more on this lovely Johannesburg based project curated by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, a German-based curator, film scholar and writer, and Cara Snyman, South African writer and curator visit the Shoe Shop Website and follow the project on twitter @ShoeShopJHB.