Hotel Yeoville was a long-term social art project that addressed the immigrant and refugee community living in the Yeoville, a suburb in Johannesburg. This community are predominantly foreign nationals from the African continent and are often the subject of xenophobic attack and derogatory treatment by the local authorities. The project the aimed to give this community a voice of it’s own, was led by artist and photographer Terry Kurgan. Hotel Yeoville acts both as service to this community as well as an opportunity for anonymous and creative self-documentation, and thereby sits precariously between art and public service.

The project is made up of 3 parts:
Hotel Yeoville Website: here I helped with some basic conceptualisation and the development of the Mapping Map –

In Yeoville Public Library as Digital Interactive Self Documentation Exhibition: Here I worked with Terry Kurgan (the director of the project) and Alex Opper of Notion Architects to build a full blown interactive installation in the Yeoville Public Library. I built the photo booth with the help of Alec Bennet of PhotoBoof; The Video Booth – the You Tube making video software; and the Story Booth Air App for story writing with the wonderful Clint Corden. In addition a Journey Booth that had a mapping API at which people documented their journey’s to this mostly Foreign National suburb.

Hotel Yeoville A final publication compilled by Terry Kurgan – to which both Alex Opper, I and the many other collaborators contributed complete and can be found with Fourthwall Books.

See more photo’s on the Hotel Yeoville website and in Christo’s Flicker Set

Following these Terry and I took an iteration of the project as an installation to the Sharp Sharp Johannesburg exhibition and series of events. This is documented as a separate portfolio piece.

See pdf paper ‘Spaces of Dislocation’, a paper draft written very early in the development of Hotel Yeoville. The project was very very successful thanks to mostly hard work by Terry Kurgan, and we have had endless amounts of press and online coverage.