Ellipses Journal for Creative Research

I am Editor in Chief of the […] Ellipses Journal of Creative Research, this is in my role within the Wits School of Art and the work to build the publication and archives of creative research in Africa.

[…] was collectively founded in 2015 at the Wits School of Arts as a multi/cross-disciplinary, digital, online and interactive journal for creative research, by collective responsive to the urgent political demand for the decolonisation of knowledge and the university mobilised by #rhodesmustfall and #feesmustfall. The journal is supported by the Wits School of Art, steered by a local, regional and international appointed Editorial Board. […] has published three issues to date, and one special edition. […] publishes biennially, with issue IV scheduled for release in 2022.

[…] denotes a grammatical troubling, an opening or caesura in the linear flow of a sentence, marking intentional omission, absent content. Alternatively, the application of ellipses as aposiopesis signals a certain trailing off, a sentence ending or not ending in the suspension of unresolved thought… It resists pronounciation or being easily saved as a file or turned into a URL. For these deviant, troubling and open-ended features,  […] – applied without prefix or suffix – works as a conceptual space or marker hospitable to the contingent, collaborative and multi/cross-disciplinary work of creative research in the global south supported by this digital and online journal.

What discourses, paradigms, tropes or structures shape or censor different kinds of knowledge production, and how can alternative modes of meaning-making imagine and make possible a more just and liveable world?  […] asks these questions from an explicitly Global South perspective – rooted in the local, open to the diasporic and informed by a range of practices, processes and tactics that deviate from conventional, analytical and colonial modes of knowledge production.  […] is a collaborative platform, drawing editors and contributors into creative dialogue with digital arts practitioners, and encouraging interactive and digitally published scholarship that extends beyond the rarefied space of the academy. It is an experiment with form, prioritising sonic, visual, oral, performative, visceral, embodied, spatial and temporal modalities of practice, invested in questions of why, how and for whom knowledge is produced, and by what criteria deemed ‘valid’.  […] supports a growing community of scholars, artists, curators, creative practitioners and collectives, thinking and working in and from the Global South.  In each issue […]  is imagined as another opportunity to rethink the ways in which creative research and the ‘aesthetic’ is bound to the machinations of dominant knowledge economies, and to creatively explore more enabling, and culturally responsive modes of meaning-making.