Curator, Centre for the Less Good Idea: Season 2

I was curator for the 2nd Season for the Centre for the Less Good Idea which ran between July and October 2017, with the Season Finale in October. I was co-curator alongside Nhlanhla Mahlangu and Jamal Nxedlana, who’s awe inspiring work I will not cover in this post, but please see the Less Good Idea website for their contributions.

As a digital artist and curator within of African based art and technology practices, I curated into the Season a group of practitioners who’s practice was technologically and digitally inclined. These included Bushveld Labs, Alt Reality, Cameron Harris and Mwenya Kabwe.

Mwenya Kabwe’s series of African science fiction prompts where explored in the workshops alongside a range of exploratory digital practices. The results of this curatorial grouping had a number of exciting  outcomes.  These include an incredible series of augmented and virtual reality collaborations driven by Rick Treweek and Gareth Steele of Alt Reality in collaboration with James Gaydon Dondoo in what was called the Invisible Exhibition. The exploration of Kabwe’s prompts in the work written by her titled A Zambian Space Odyssey.  Cameron Harris’s sound work began infiltrating a number of the works across the season and can be heard through out. I further collaborated with William Kentridge to build the software for his collaborative performance titled Splash. Kabwe, Harris and I further developed an experimental collaboration with performers Sonia Radebe and Tshego Khutsoane titled Jacaranda Time – a data driven performed poem drawing on Kabwe’s poetic prompts.

Photo’s by Stella Oliver from the