Coming To (Performing Arts Collaboration)

A collaboration with physical theatre performer Athena Mazarakis.

“Coming To” was a one hour performance exploring the relationship between a lived experience and historical documentation. Through Athena’s performance with up to 6 interactive media interventions developed by me, the piece took three months to grow organically into a lived and performed journey. The piece explored the parallel journeying of a contemporary ‘coming to’ and the immigration of a young woman from Greece to South Africa in the early 1940’s.

The piece played at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, as well as doing a short run in Johannesburg at the 969 Festival.

My artwork Chalk Vision┬áthat I won a Spier contemporary prize was developed through one of the interactions made for “Coming To”.

Please see this Flickr set by Christo Doherty of our rehearsals and final performances – thank you Christo.