AMAZE Johannesburg 2013

Watch the short video on A MAZE 2013 in Johannesburg.

 African Participants with the Goethe Institute:

With help from the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg I was able to invite 8 participants from the continent, many of whom I had encountered in my PhD field research and was very keen to introduce them to our audiences.

Jepchumba of African Digital Art

Chief Nyamweya of Kenya Noir & Tsunami Studio’s in Nairobi

Duncan Onyango of Planet Rackus in Nairobi

Oluseye Soyode-Johnson of Maliyo Games in Lagos

Ahmed Abdel Samea of Amidos Games in Cairo

Sameh Al Tawil a Digital Artist also from Cairo

Unfortunately due to visa constraints and other complications John Biretwa of Boda Pay in Kampala and game developer Abiola Demola from Nigeria could not join us.

Chief Nyamweya at A MAZE

Oluseye, Christo Doherty (HoD Digital Arts) & Jepchumba in a Serious Discussion at AMAZE

Jepchumba giving the Keynote on African Digital Art at A MAZE.

 Digital Art Installations at A MAZE Joburg 2013

There were to interactive digital art installations as part of the exhibitions of Single, Multi-Player and iPad Games. See more on exhibitions held.

Shown at Ithuba gallery – this is a small start to showing more interactive artwork at A MAZE Johannesburg in the future. We showed two highly political works, Sameh Al Tawil’s Augmented Reality artwork and Tegan Bristow’s (yes mine) UNSAID.

Sameh Al Tawil’s Augmented Reality artwork at A MAZE

Tegan Bristow’s UNSAID.


There were a great selection of workshops this year – see more here on workshops held. Joao Orrechia and I gave a workshop on working with Sound and Interaction for Live Performance in Max / MSP.

Workshop on Max/MSP and interactive and performed Sound.

Showing the use of a Game Controller as a interactive performance tool.