Floating Reverie is an online residency created by Carly Whitaker as a 14 day daily creative development residency that focuses on online practice and development.

Joao Orecchia and I took the residency in July 2014, it was an opportunity for he and I to link our interests in generative code and generative sound. I used the residency to create quick daily sketches in code, using the Processing IDE. The premise was to “draw a line and follow it” (borrowed from La Mont Young). I started with code that drew a pulsing line and went from there creating modifications on the code in quick once a day sketches.


A week after I began the residency, Joao began his. As a way to bind our practices I gave Joao version of my code that sent the code’s generative data out to OSC. Joao used this data to create generative sound in Max/MSP, which he uploaded as video’s playing both the sound and the code sketches.

This was a great experience for both of us and we look forward to finding a wild interactive way of exhibiting them at the next Floating Reverie exhibition.

    Day 1

   Day 6

   Day 9