I am an Independent Interactive Media Artist and Lecturer at the Digital Arts Division of the Wits School of the Arts, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Full CV, June 2016

Presented on this website are short documentations of projects and collaborations that I have run or am involved in at present. Most of my work is always either art, technology or development orientated.

South Africa and the rest of Africa are an exiting site for the technology arts, as we are beginning to see the influx of a strong development scene and alongside that the influx of technology on cultural practice and it’s subsequent use and critique in art.

Outside of lecturing at Wits University, I develop and promote a local technology arts scene. Often this means helping someone make something work, but it also means research and project development within a growing cross-over practice in art, technology and culture.

I am currently writing my PhD (or see my PhD page) with the Roy Ascott in the Planetary Collegium at Plymouth University. Research taking place within the continent on Technology Arts & Culture Practice: South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. A  four year project starting November 2011 and ending in 2015.